Installing Granite in Burlington - A Homeowner’s Guide

Looking to add a beautiful stone finish to your home? Installing granite in Burlington, Markham, Vaughn, Oshawa and other GTA homes will undoubtedly add to their value.
From Europe and South America to the GTA
Granite is a highly sought-after natural stone formed from molten magma. Its beauty and extreme durability make it a natural choice for the home.
The majority of granite is sourced from Italy and Brazil, where large stones are quarried and cut into smaller stone slabs. Despite its relative rarity, granite comes in a variety of beautiful colors, so a homeowner doesn't have to compromise their design sense.
A Granite Countertop is Ideal
The most popular place most people look to install granite is the kitchen. A granite countertop is the gold standard – especially for anyone who likes to cook. The material is non-porous, can withstand high temperatures, and will last for decades with little maintenance.
Granite countertops are often comprised of one large stone slab, custom cut to fit the counter area. After the countertop is ordered, it must be installed.
The Installation Process
Some handymen (and women) choose to install their own countertops, which is a relatively easy. Considering installing granite in your home? Here's what is involved.
Step 1: Choosing granite type and color
A quality natural stone supplier will offer many types of granite slabs. A homeowner has many options when it comes to granite. When deciding what color is best, look at the kitchen as a whole when choosing. Although the countertop is the main focal point, it should compliment the other design elements in the room, such as the floor, and cupboards. If possible, visit a showroom so you can see all the granite options on offer.
If you are measuring for the stone yourself, it's important to be precise! You must also determine what type of counter edge you would like, as most natural stone distributers have many options. A nicely beveled edge adds an elegant touch. Also consider the depth of the piece, that is, how low you would like it to hang above the lower cupboards? This too, is customizable.
Step 2: Cut granite to fit exact shape of counter
The slab you ordered may need to be shaved slightly, as most walls are not perfectly square. If the granite piece does need to be re-cut, the installer will use a circular saw with a segmented diamond blade. Because granite is so strong, diamond must be used to cut it.
Step 3: Securing the countertop in place
After carefully cutting the granite piece to perfectly fit the installation area, the countertop is secured in place with silicone. Caulking will be used to waterproof any gaps around the sink and the granite piece. Lastly, the installer will fill seams where any two pieces meet with a polyester based resin, carefully matching the color of the stone so the seam virtually disappears. In a final touch, the seam will be buffed smooth, so it is virtually undetectable.
After installation, the granite is sealed by applying a liquid sealant to the stone's surface. The sealant may need to dry for several hours. After this last application, you are free to enjoy your new countertop for decades to come!